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Discover the Plus plan
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Discover the Plus plan

The Plus plan has been designed for freelancers and teams who need a lot of signature requests. Sign and have signed unlimited with the Plus plan.

The Plus plan is available with a monthly or annual subscription (which entitles you to two months free).

The Plus plan lets you send unlimited documents for signature requests, and provides a tracking interface for creating, managing and monitoring your signature requests in real time.

With the Plus plan, you can :

The list of all features included in the Plus plan is available on the pricing page of our website.

Set up your account

To get the most out of your Plus subscription, start by setting up your account according to your needs:

    • Change the default expiration date,

    • Change the default authentication,

    • Allow your signers to draw their signature or upload their signature image,

  • Add your logo so that your signers quickly recognize your signature requests,

  • Import your contacts with a CSV to add them more quickly to your signature requests

  • Connect your CRM to use your CRM contacts in Yousign,

  • Automate your processes with Zapier

  • Invite other collaborators and set their user permissions,

  • Create up to 5 dedicated workspaces for each of your teams, departments or subsidiaries to ensure data confidentiality between your users.

Go further with your account

To save even more time preparing your documents to be signed, you can :

  • Duplicate a signature request, so you don't have to start from scratch

  • Send a manual reminder to your signers

  • Edit incorrect signer information once the signature request has been sent (so you don't have to cancel it and start again)

  • Add personalized mentions and a default mention if you often use them in your signature requests,

  • Sort your signature requests by creating Labels.

Discover available add-ons

With the Plus plan, you can add paid add-on templates to your subscription:

  • Add the ability to create automated Forms to collect the data needed to edit your documents

  • Add signature levels for your important documents with Advanced Electronic Signature and Qualified Electronic Signature.

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