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You want to have your documents signed by one or more people? To do this, easily add signatories to your signature requests, templates, and forms by following this guide.

Discover signers

You have the option to add signers to your signature requests to have them sign the documents.

A signer is responsible for signing your signature request. If necessary, you can also ask a signer to:

  • Complete the document or copy text with a text input field

  • Check or uncheck a checkbox

  • Choose an option with radio buttons

  • Add a note

All documents contained in your signature request are visible and electronically signed by all signers added to the signature request.

Add signers

When preparing your signature request, you can add up to 100 signers. To do this:

Note: You must drag at least one of these fields onto your documents per signatory.

  • If necessary, repeat these actions to add up to 100 signatories per invitation.

The same person can both approve a signature request (as an approver) and sign a document (as a signer). You need to add them as both an approver and a signer.

Invite Multiple Signatories

When you send a signature request to multiple signers, all documents are electronically signed by all signers, even if you do not add signature fields to certain documents or pages.

If a document needs to be signed by only a few signers or different signers, you must create a separate signature request.

Manage signers

You can order, modify, replace, or remove signers from your signature requests.

Order signers

From two signers onwards, you have the option to order them:

  • Activate the "Set a signing order" option

  • Drag the signers to order them according to your needs.

Once your signature request is sent, the first signer will be invited to sign your documents. Once signed (and only then), the signature request will be sent to the second signer, and so on.

Replace a signer

You can replace a signer with another contact or create a new one, while keeping all fields previously associated with that signer. To do this:

  • Click on the "..." to the right of their name,

  • Click "Replace this signer,"

  • Choose a new signatory from your contact book, or create a new one,

  • Validate by clicking "Update signer."

By replacing a signer, all previously dragged fields will automatically be associated with the new signer.

Edit a signer

To edit the information of a signer:

  • Click on the "..." to the right of their name,

  • Click "Edit this signer,"

  • Then edit their information in the opening window (name, surname, email address, phone number, and language),

  • Validate by clicking "Update signer."

If you want to completely change the identity of the signer, prefer the "Replace this signer" option to choose one of your contacts.

Remove a signer

To remove a signer:

  • Click on the "..." to the right of their name,

  • Click "Delete this signer,"

Track Signatures requests

Once the signature request is sent, signers will be invited by email to sign. The signature request will be in the "In Progress" status.

You can remind the signers:

  • By clicking on "Send Reminders" on the detailed page of your signature request,

  • By providing them with their signing link (one per signer) available on the detailed page of your signature request.

Edit Information once the signature request is sent

If you realize that a signer's information is incorrect after sending a signature request, you can easily edit it without having to create a new signature request.

You can edit:

  • The first and last name of the signer

  • The signer's email address (in this case only: a new signature request email will be sent to them)

  • The signer's phone number

  • The signer's language

  • The signer's authentication method (only for the Simple Electronic Signature level)

Access the page of the relevant signature request:

  • Click on the name of your signature request on your Signature requests dashboard,

  • Click on "..." to the right of the signer's name,

  • Click "Edit,"

  • Edit the information you want,

  • Validate by clicking "Update" to save the changes.

Note: You cannot modify a signer's information once the signature request is signed.

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