How to drag-and-drop fields in documents?
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Drag-and-drop fields in documents

With Yousign, you can prepare your documents for signature in seconds. Easily drag and drop the fields in your document.

Prepare your document by adding signers, and then drag and drop their fields (signature, text-input etc.) directly into your documents. Fields are automatically linked to the selected signer to save you time. 🚀

Preparing documents has never been faster!

First, add signers

To add signers:

  • Click on "Add a signer" on the right sidebar or on the "+" button next to the signers' tab.

  • Select a signer or create a new one

👀 Signature, text input, mention, checkbox, and radio button fields appear on the right sidebar.

  • Repeat those actions to add more than one signer (if needed!)

Then, drag fields in your document

To add fields to your documents:

  • Drag fields related to the correct signer in your document

  • Drag read-only text and/or initials from the top of the right sidebar

Signature, text input, mention, checkbox and radio button fields are automatically linked to the selected signers to save you time!

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