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Do you need to sign a document in which you are the unique signer? With Yousign, you can do it with ease, legally, and for free.

📽️ Discover how to sign your own document:

To sign your own documents (with only yourself as a signer), follow these 3 steps:

  • Import documents

  • Prepare documents you need to sign

  • Sign!

The signing of your own documents is available unlimitedly for simple electronic signatures on all plans (Free, One, Plus, and Pro).

Step 1: Import documents

  • Click on the arrow 🔽 next to the "New Request" button in the top right corner,

  • Select the "Sign a document" option,

The signature can only be done with the Simple Electronic Signature level without a security code. If you wish to sign yourself with a higher level or with a security code, you must create a signature request.

  • Import the document(s) you want to sign in PDF or DOCX format (up to 50 documents and with a maximum size of 50MB per document) by clicking on "+" or dragging your documents into Yousign.

Step 2: Prepare the documents you need to sign

You are automatically added as the unique signer:

  • Drag the signature field onto your document (mandatory step),

  • If necessary, drag other fields onto your document (optional step):

    • Read-only text,

    • Initials,

    • Mention (e.g., Signed on #date, Read and approved),

  • Click on "Sign now" in the upper right corner of your screen.

Note: You can move the fields on your document and resize them if needed.

Step 3: Sign!

  • Review and scroll through the documents,

  • Swipe to sign,

  • Click on the "Download" button to save the signed document

With Yousign, you can easily sign your own documents. You can securely access all your signed documents in your account.

If one or more people need to sign the document, you must send a signature request. It will also be possible to add yourself as a signer.

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