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When preparing your documents, it is sometimes necessary to ask the signer to check a box to ensure the validation of information before signing it. To do this, easily add checkbox fields to your signature requests, templates, and forms by following this guide.

Discover checkboxes

Checkboxes allow you to have your signers check to validate information or choose between multiple options directly on your documents.

By adding checkboxes, your signers can check the boxes before signing your documents.

Checkboxes are available on signature requests, templates, and forms for One, Plus, Pro, and Scale subscriptions.

Difference from radio buttons

With radio buttons, the signer can only select one option from several, unlike checkboxes that allow the signer to choose multiple options or have only one choice (checked or unchecked).

Use checkboxes to:

  • Validate information for the signer. For example, to confirm reading and accepting your terms and conditions:

    • [Checkbox field - mandatory] I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

  • Provide a choice between multiple cumulative options (ability to select all or none). For example:

    • [Checkbox field] I want to subscribe to newsletter X.

    • [Checkbox field] I want to subscribe to newsletter Y.

    • [Checkbox field] I want to receive information about Z.

However, use radio buttons if you want to:

  • Ask the signer to make a single (exclusive) choice among several options, such as asking for their payment method:

    • [Radio button field] Credit card.

    • [Radio button field] SEPA direct debit.

    • [Radio button field] Check.

We recommend providing precise instructions for checkboxes to your signers on your document. If you haven't added these instructions before importing your document, you can create them by adding "Read-only Text" fields.

Add a checkbox

When preparing your document, you can add a checkbox. To do this:

  • Add a signer by clicking on "Add a signer,"

  • Fill in their information or select them from your contact list,

  • Drag the checkbox field to where you want it to appear on your document,

  • If necessary, you can make checking the box mandatory by activating the "Required" option. If you don't activate the option, the checkbox will be optional, and your signer can sign without checking the box.

You can add multiple checkbox fields per signer: simply drag the number of checkboxes you need onto your document.

Note: The checkbox field does not represent the ◻ symbol in your documents, so the symbol must already be inserted into your documents. It also does not include the text displayed to the right of the checkbox. If you haven't added the text before importing your document, you can create it by adding "Read-only Text" fields.

After signing, the checkbox (if checked by the signer) will appear as "checked," and the ✔ symbol will be added to your document.

Edit a checkbox

Move and resize a checkbox

Once the checkbox field is dragged onto your document, you can move it to wherever you want on your documents with a simple drag and drop. Position the field over the checkbox already integrated into your document.

You can also resize the checkbox, to do so:

  • Hover over the checkbox you want to resize with your mouse,

  • Click on its border,

  • Hold to adjust the border to the size you want.

Edit and remove a checkbox

If you want to remove or edit it, simply hover over the field with your mouse to access these options:

  • Click on the pencil icon ✏️ to edit the field (to enable/disable the "Required" option), then close the window once your modifications are made.

  • Click on the trash can icon 🗑️ to delete the field, or click on the field and press the ⬅️ back key on your keyboard.

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