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Signature fields allow you to capture participants' signatures on your documents. Learn how to easily add them to your signature requests, templates, and forms.

Add a signature field

When preparing your document, you can add signature fields by following these steps:

  • Add a signer by clicking on "Add a signer."

  • Enter their information or select them from your contact list.

  • Drag the signature field to the desired location on your document.

You can add multiple signature fields per signer on your documents by repeating the above actions.

Signature fields are available on signature request, templates, and forms for Free, One, Plus, Pro, and Scale subscriptions.

Edit a signature field

Move a signature field

Once the signature field is placed on your document, you can move it to any location you want using a simple drag-and-drop.

Resize a signature field

You can resize the size of a signature field with a single click. Here's how:

  • Hover over the field you want to resize with your mouse.

  • Click on the icon with two arrows, and the field will automatically shrink.

  • Click the icon again if you want to enlarge the size.

You can also resize the signature field to your preferred size:

  • Hover over the field you want to resize with your mouse.

  • Click on the border of the field you want to enlarge/reduce.

  • Hold and adjust the border to the size you want.

Remove a signature field

If you want to remove it:

  • Hover over the field with your mouse and click on the trash can icon 🗑️,

  • Or click on the field and use the ⬅️ backspace key on your keyboard.

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