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During the preparation of your documents, it is sometimes necessary to ask signers to add a mention (e.g., "read and approved"). To do this, easily add a mention field to your signature requests, templates, and forms by following this guide.

Discover Mentions

Mentions allow you to link a signer to specific text. With the mention field, you can ensure that the mention adheres to the desired format, while also avoiding manual input for the signers.

Mentions are available on signature requests, templates, and forms for Free, One, Plus, Pro, and Scale subscriptions.

You can customize your mentions based on your needs or select one of the five suggestions directly available when adding this field:

  • Approved

  • Read and approved

  • Read and approved - signed on #date

  • Signed on #date

  • #date

Pro tip: By adding #date (or #datetime) to your mention, the date (or date and time) of the signers's signature will be automatically added.

Adding a Mention

When preparing your document, you can add a mention by:

  1. Adding a signatory by clicking "Add a signer,"

  2. Providing their information or selecting them from your contact list,

  3. Dragging the mention field to where you want it to appear on your document,

  4. Clicking to select a suggestion for mentions or entering the desired mention,

  5. Changing the font by clicking on the arrow at the end of the "font" field and selecting your desired font.

  6. Changing the text size by clicking on the arrow at the end of the "size" field and choosing your desired text size. The sizes range from 8 to 22.

  7. Changing the text color by clicking on the black box and either selecting one of our pre selected colors or entering the color code of your desired color next to the "#".

  8. Choosing the font style of your text. To put it in Bold, select "B", to put it in italic, select "I".

  9. Validating your mention by clicking "Save."

A mention must be linked to a signer, and you can repeat these actions to create other mentions for other signers.

Tip: If you frequently use mentions and want to add one by default and/or save other custom mentions (based on your use), follow this detailed article.

A mention can contain a maximum of 160 characters, and you can add line breaks (especially to accommodate the width of your document).

Edit a mention

Move a Mention

Once the mention field is dragged onto your document, you can move it to wherever you want on your documents with a simple drag-and-drop.

Edit and remove a Mention

If you want to remove or edit a mention, simply hover over the field with your mouse to access these options:

  • Click on the ✏️ pencil icon to modify the field (to change the text of the mention) and then click "Save" once your modifications are done.

  • Click on the 🗑️ trash can icon to delete the field, or click on the field and press the ⬅️ backspace key on your keyboard.

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