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Once templates are created, all users in your organization can use them to save time when preparing similar signature request.

Create a new signature request from a Template

To create a new signature request using a template:

  • Go to the Templates page.

  • Click on "..." to the right of the template you want to use.

  • Click on "Create signature request from Template."

  • You will then directly access the document(s) and settings you defined during its creation.

You can create a new signature request from a template only if the template is in "Active" status.

Add Editable signers

If your template contains one or more editable signers, you need to add them:

  • Click on "Define" below the name given to the editable signer (e.g., employee, client, etc.).

  • Add their details or choose a contact.

  • All associated fields are automatically updated!

  • Repeat these actions if you have multiple editable signers.

Edit recurrent signers

If needed, you can also modify recurrent signers (the change will not affect the template but only the signature request):

  • Click on "..." to the right of the signer's name.

  • Click on "Replace signer" if you want to completely change the signer and add a new person while keeping all associated fields.

  • Click on "edit signer" if you want to change one or more pieces of information about this signer, such as their phone number.

These actions will update the signer for all associated fields (signature fields, mentions, etc.).

Edit Documents

You can also modify the document when using your template. The fields remain positioned in the same places on your new document:

  • Click on "..." in the left menu next to the document title you want to edit.

  • Click on "Replace Document."

  • Choose the new document from your computer.

  • Your new document is then downloaded and already contains the fields added previously!

Send the signature request

You can make any necessary modifications:

  • Add or remove fields

  • Add or remove signers

  • Add or remove approvers

  • Modify settings

The signature request is in Draft status until you send it, and you can edit everything as needed.

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