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How to request a signer to copy a text?
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Add a text to copy to your signature request

When creating a new signature request, you can use text input fields to request your signer to fill in a text. To do this:

  • Add a "Text input" field,

  • Add a question such as “Copy the following text” in the question input so that your signer knows what is expected from them,

  • Add in the instruction input the text that you want them to copy,

  • Check the "Fit the answer's area to instructions text" checkbox. This means the text field will be exactly the same as the text to copy field, allowing the signer to copy and paste the text.

Remember to declare the text field as required if you do not want the signer to be able to sign without filling in this field.

Please note that we will not check if the signer has copy / pasted the text. The sender is responsible for checking it has been done.
Once all signers have signed your documents, you can download a file containing all the information relating to the fields assigned to them.

What does this mean for the signer?

Text input fields are filled in in the first step of the signature flow. Signers are asked to answer the questions you defined when configuring the text fields.

In this use case, they will see the question “Copy the following text” followed by the text you added in the instruction.

Please note that signers can download the documents at this step to have more context if needed, but this step cannot be skipped.

The text copied by the signer will then appear on the signed document, at the place where you set up the text field.

When to use text to copy?

This feature can be particularly useful if you are a real estate company.

Since January 1, 2022, a new regulation allows you to sign guarantor agreements (actes de cautionnement in 🇫🇷) with an electronic signature, and the mention that had to be handwritten can now be typed. You can find more information on this regulation in our blog article (in French).

Once the participants have signed your documents, you can download a file with all the information for the fields assigned to them.

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