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You can import and save contacts in Yousign to prepare your signature requests, templates, and forms more efficiently.

Discover Contacts

To avoid having to enter the information of your recipients each time you create a new signature request, template, or form, Yousign allows you to save them in a contact list.

Adding contacts will enable you to select your recipients (approvers, signers, copy recipients) with a single click when preparing your documents.

It is important to distinguish between contacts and users.

  • Users have access to your Yousign space (and are associated with a license) and can create signature requests.

  • Contacts do not have access to your Yousign space and can only be requested to approve, sign, or follow if a user from your organization sends them a request.

Your contacts can be your clients or employees, while users are more often colleagues.

Add Contacts

To add contacts, you can do so in several ways:

Option 1: Add a contact from the Contacts page You can add contacts one by one from the Contacts page:

  • Access the Contacts page.

  • Click on the green "Add a contact" button in the top right.

  • If your organization uses multiple workspaces, choose from two options:

    • Share the contact with your entire organization.

    • Share the contact with only one workspace (and select it).

  • Fill in the following fields (they are mandatory):

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

    • Choose the contact's language from French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Dutch (so they receive communications in their language, which may be different from yours).

  • Add other optional fields to make it easier to find a contact later:

  • Click "Save."

Option 2: Import Contacts from a CSV You can also mass-import a list of contacts from a CSV file:

  • Access the Contacts page.

  • Click on the white "Import from CSV" button in the top right.

  • Prepare your CSV document outside the Yousign application:

    • Respect the column order (see below).

    • Fill in at least the first 3 columns (they are mandatory).

    • Delimit columns with commas or semicolons.

    • Do not add a contact on line 1 (it will not be imported; the first line must contain column names).

    • Provide phone numbers in E164 format, including the "+" symbol and the country code (all countries are supported). Example: +33612345678

    • Import a CSV document of less than 500 KB (approximately 5000 contacts).

Duplicates are not automatically managed by the application (all contacts will be imported). You can also download a CSV template.

  • Once your CSV is ready, drag it or press "+" to import it.

  • Check if the data matches in the preview (if not, click "Cancel" and import a new CSV).

  • Click "Import X contacts."

With the import, contacts will automatically be shared with your entire organization. If you want to share them with only one workspace, you will need to modify them one by one. With the import, you cannot mass-import the following information: address, postal code, city, and country of the contact.

Option 3: Add a Contact from Document Preparation

Although you can add your contacts in advance, you can also add them directly when preparing your documents:

  • When adding an approver

  • When adding a signer

This applies to signature requests, templates, and forms. When adding the recipient, you just need to check the "Save this recipient in the contact list" box.

Edit a Contact

Edit a Contact

To modify the information of an already registered contact:

  • Access the Contacts page.

  • Click "..." to the right of the contact's name you want to modify.

  • Click "Edit."

  • Modify the information of your contact.

  • If your organization uses multiple workspaces, you can modify the contact's access:

    • Share the contact with your entire organization.

    • Share the contact with a workspace.

  • Modify all other information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Contact Language, Phone Number, Job Title, Company Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country.

  • Save your changes by clicking "Save."

Modified contact information will not apply to already created (including drafts) and sent signature requests, only to your new signature requests. To edit the information of a signer in a current signature request, follow this guide.

Delete a contact

To delete a contact:

  • Access the Contacts page.

  • Click "..." to the right of the contact's name you want to delete.

  • Click "Delete."

  • During deletion, a window summarizes all the signature requests in which the contact participates. This allows you to avoid accidentally deleting a contact if they are already involved in a process.

  • Confirm deletion by clicking "Delete."

Deleted contacts can still view the documents they have signed.

To delete multiple contacts at once:

  • Go to the Contacts page,

  • Check the boxes to the left of the names of the contacts you want to delete, or check the box in the header row to select all of them in one click,

  • Once your selection is complete, click on "Delete".

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