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My recipient has a foreign phone number
My recipient has a foreign phone number
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When adding a signer, you must enter his/her telephone number so that he/she can receive the security code by SMS, enabling him/her to authenticate and sign.

If your signer has a foreign telephone number, simply enter the relevant country code when adding the signature field.

For example: GB country code is +44, France is +33, Italy is +39

Our Yousign electronic signature services are designed to send security codes by SMS message or by voice server over more than 220 countries around the world.

French Overseas Departments/Regions

Some operators do not accept certain number aliases.

To maximize your chances of reception, please use the following codes:

  • Guadeloupe (+590)

  • Reunion Island (+262)

  • French Guiana (+594)

  • Martinique (+596)

  • Mayotte (+262)


The formatting of these numbers often makes it impossible to determine whether it's a mobile or a landline. As a result, the authentication code is often transmitted directly by voice server.

You can tell the signer to be close to their landline when signing.

You didn't receive a security code by SMS ? Check out this article to find out more.

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