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Organize your account with workspaces
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Ensure document confidentiality between your users and/or reflect your company's organization (departments, subsidiaries, agencies, etc.) with workspaces. In this guide, discover how to create workspaces for your organization.

Discover workspaces

Organize your signature requests, Forms, and contacts according to your organization and ensure data confidentiality among your users.

Workspaces are available on Plus Plan (up to 5), Pro Plan (up to 10) and Scale Plan. You can modify your subscription directly from your account.

Create a workspace

To create a workspace on Yousign, make sure you have a Owner access and a Plus, Pro or Scale subscription, then:

  • Click on your initials at the bottom left.

  • Go to the "Workspaces" page.

  • An automatic workspace has been created: all your current users, documents, forms, and contacts are linked to it.

  • Click on "Create a workspace" at the top right.

  • Give your workspace a name (this will help you and your teams better organize your documents), for example: Human Resources, Sales Department, etc.

  • Check, if needed, the box to add a public name and enter the desired public name.

What is the purpose of the "public name" of a workspace?

The public name of a workspace allows you to differentiate:

  • The name of your workspace internally, which will be displayed in your Yousign application.

  • The name of your workspace when used externally, i.e., when you want to send a signature request with this workspace as the sender. For example, you can create and name a workspace "HR" and add a public name "Human Resources Department of Acme Company" so that your future signers quickly understand who sent them the signature request.

Note: Only users with Owner access can create and delete workspaces. To learn more about the different accesses and permissions, access our dedicated article.

When the Owner creates a new workspace, they are automatically added to that workspace.

The Owner of your organization has access to all workspaces (without the possibility of being excluded from one or more workspaces).

Manage a workspace

The Owner of your organization can add and remove users in each workspace. Conversely, an Administrator can add (within the limit of the available licenses on the account) or remove users only in the workspaces they belong to. A Member cannot take any action on workspaces.

Add Users to a Workspace

As an Owner or Administrator of the workspace, you can invite other users from your organization to join by:

  • Go to the Workspaces page.

  • Click on the relevant workspace.

  • Click on "Add users" at the top right.

  • Select the user you want to add from the search bar.

  • Validate by clicking on "Add".

If you want to add a user who is not yet part of your organization, please invite them first here.

Administrators will then have access to all signature requests and forms in the workspace where you added them.

Members will only be able to view and manage their own signature requests but use the forms and contacts of the workspace.

Remove Users from a Workspace

If you want to remove a user's access to a workspace, simply:

  • Click on the relevant workspace.

  • Click on "..." to the right of the user's name you want to remove.

  • Select "Remove user from workspace".

  • The user will then no longer have access to any signature requests created in this workspace (even their own).

It may sometimes be impossible to remove a user from a workspace:

  • When the user belongs to only one workspace, if you still want to remove them, you will need to suspend their access to your Yousign account here.

  • When the user has Owner access.

Rename a Workspace

You can easily rename a workspace. To do so:

  • Go the the Workspaces page by clicking on your initials at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Click on "..." at the right of the workspace you wish to rename .

  • Click on "Rename workspace"

  • Enter the new name you wish to give to your workspace.

  • Click on "Rename".

  • The workspace will be renamed.

Delete a workspace

Only users with Owner access can delete workspaces.

If you no longer want to use a workspace, you can delete it. To do so:

  • Go to the Workspaces page.

  • Click on "..." to the right of the workspace name.

  • Select "Delete workspace".

You will then be asked to select another workspace to transfer all content (signature requests, contacts, forms, users).

Depending on the volume, this operation may take some time.

There should always be at least one workspace in your account; therefore, you will not be able to delete your last workspace.

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