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Yousign offers three different roles for users with different permissions and accesses:

Admins have similar rights as the Owner, but only in specific workspaces instead of the whole organization.

Follow this article to find out how to manage your organization's settings and use your account as an Admin.

Manage your organization's settings

As an admin, you can manage settings for your organization or dedicated workspaces you are responsible for. This means you can:

You are the "owner" of your Workspace, this means you are responsible for the users and actions taken place in your workspace.

Edit account settings

Admin rights give you the ability to oversee and manage the entire account for your organization. To edit account settings:

  • Click on your initials at the bottom left corner of your screen.

  • Click on 'Settings'.

  • You'll be able to perform the following:

    • Add your logo.

    • Change your organization's name.

    • Edit Language (Language used to invite users).

    • Add a contact for any communication regarding data privacy.

Use your account

As an administrator, you have access to a number of rights when it comes to using your Yousign account. You can:

  • Create and manage all signature requests in your workspaces.

  • Create and use all Forms in your workspaces.

  • Create and use all Templates.

  • Create and manage all contacts shared with the organization and your workspaces.

  • Manage organization settings.

  • Invite, edit, and remove users in your workspaces.

To learn how to manage workspaces as an admin, follow our dedicated article.

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