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When signing your documents, it is sometimes necessary to ask signers to initial (i.e., affix their initials) on every page of the document. To do this, easily add initials when preparing your signature requests, templates, and forms by following this guide.

Discover Initials

Initials allow you to automatically insert the initials of your signers on every page of your documents to visually confirm the reading of the document by each signer.

Initials apply to:

  • All pages of the documents to be signed (including the first and last pages),

  • All signers of the documents (without any exceptions).

Initials are available on signing invitations, templates, and forms for Free, One, Plus, Pro, and Scale subscriptions.

For more information on the legal value of initials in the context of electronic signatures, please refer to our blog article.

Add Initials

When preparing your document, you can add initials. To do this:

  • Drag the initials field to where you want it to appear (on each page of your document),

  • This activates initials for all signers of your documents.

The initials of your signers will then be added to your document at the time of its signature, without any additional action required from the signers. If your document has multiple pages, initials will be added to all pages.

Edit Initials

Move and edit Initials

Once the initials field is dragged onto your document, you can move it to wherever you want on your pages with a simple drag and drop.

You can also adjust the position of your initials, to do so:

  • Hover over the initials field (on any page of your document),

  • Click on the pen icon ✏️ to modify the field,

  • Choose the placement you prefer among the three options provided:

    • Aligned to the left,

    • Aligned in the center,

    • Aligned to the right,

  • Close the window.

The positioning of initials applies to all pages of the same document: you cannot have initials at the bottom right on some pages and at the bottom left on others.

If your document contains pages in landscape format and other pages in portrait format, please note that the coordinates of the initials will be the same for all pages, and these coordinates are calculated from the top of the document. We suggest positioning the initials at the top of the page.

Remove initials

If you want to remove the initials:

  • Hover over the field with your mouse and click on the trash can icon 🗑️,

  • Or click on the field and press the ⬅️ back key on your keyboard.

The initials will then be deleted for all signers.

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