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Discover the One plan

The One plan meets the needs of freelancers in terms of electronic signatures, with 10 signature requests per month.

The One plan is available with a monthly or annual subscription (which entitles you to two months free).

The One plan lets you send up to 10 signature requests per month with 1 user account, and provides a tracking interface to create, manage and monitor your signature requests in real time.

With the One plan, you can :

A list of all the features included in the One plan is available on the pricing page of our website.

Set up your account

To optimize the use of your One subscription, start by setting up your account according to your needs:

  • Change the default settings for your signature request:

    • Change the default expiration date,

    • Change the default authentication,

    • Allow your signers to draw their own signatures,

  • Add your logo so that your signers recognize your signature request at a glance,

  • Import your contacts with a CSV to add them more quickly to your signature request.

Go further with your account

To save even more time preparing your documents for signing, you can :

  • Duplicate an signature request, so you don't have to start from scratch

  • Send a manual reminder to your signers

  • Edit erroneous signatory information once the signature request request has been sent (so you don't have to cancel it and start again)

  • Create a signature request template to save time when preparing similar signature requests,

  • Add personalized mentions and a default mention if you often use them in your signature request,

  • Sort your signature request by creating Labels.

Understand how signature requests are counted

Each signature request documents is counted down when the signature request is sent, when you click on "Confirm and send now" (regardless of the number of signers or documents included in the signature request).

If you have already sent these 10 signature request, you will not be able to send any further signature requests until your quota has been renewed (the date is shown below the "New signature request" button on the Signatures page).

Renewal of your quota of signature request occurs at midnight on the day of renewal. The number of signature request is not cumulative from month to month.

For example: in the case of a monthly or annual subscription taken out on January 1st, your signature requests quota will be reset to 10 on the first of each month at 00:01.

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