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The Advanced Electronic Signature is the second level of electronic signature, as defined by the European eIDAS regulation.

What is the Advanced Electronic Signature?

The Advanced Electronic Signature enhances the legal scope of the signature on your documents through reinforced control of the signers identity, according to the criteria of the eIDAS regulation.

With the Advanced Electronic Signature, you add an identification level to your signatures to strengthen their legal value:

  • Identity verification: The signer must import their ID during the signature, and Yousign verifies it instantly.

  • Authentication with a unique code: The signer also confirms their identity with a single click via a unique code received either by SMS.

The Advanced Electronic Signature thus guarantees a double verification of the identity of each signer.

When to use the Advanced Electronic Signature?

The Advanced Electronic Signature is more secure than a simple signature and is recommended, especially for significant financial transactions or the signing of documents with significant legal implications.

However, there is no exhaustive list of documents that must be signed using the Advanced Electronic Signature. Still, we can imagine that the Advanced Electronic Signature is preferable when signing contracts such as:

  • Banking contracts

  • Opening/closing bank accounts

  • Real estate sales agreements

  • Insurance contracts

  • Or even consumer loans.

How to add the Advanced Electronic Signature to your Yousign subscription?

The Advanced Electronic Signature is available as an add-on for annual subscriptions to the Plus, Pro, and Scale plans (and applies to both the Yousign application and API).

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