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With Yousign, send your documents for signature in less than 3 minutes. This guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to:

  • Import your documents

  • Prepare the signature request

  • Configure the signature request

Step 1: Create a new signature request

To have your documents signed:

  • Access the Signature page,

  • Click on the "New request" button in the top right corner,

  • Import the documents you want to have signed in PDF or DOCX format.

When uploading a docx document, your document display may be a little altered, we recommended converting it in PDF before uploading it on Yousign.

  • You can drag and drop your documents

  • or click the "+" button to select them.

You can add up to 50 documents per signature request, with a maximum size of 50MB for each document.

Step 2: Prepare the signature request

Once the documents are imported, preparing a signature request to sign begins and includes 3 major steps:

  • Add one or more signers

  • Add fields (such as signature) for each signer

  • If needed, add approvers

Add and arrange signers

Start by adding one or more signers:

  • Click on "Add a signer" on the right sidebar or on the "+",

  • Enter the signer's information or select them if you've previously saved them in your contacts.

You can repeat this operation and add up to 100 signers per signature request. All signers will sign on the same document. If they need to sign individually, create separate signature requests.

  • If you wish, you can set a signing order by activating the option. Once activated and signers are ordered, the second signer will receive a signature request only after the first one has signed, and so on.

By default, all participants will receive the signature request at the same time.

Add fields

Next, drag the fields you need directly onto your document. There are two types of fields:

You can move and resize the fields on your document.

To proceed to the final configuration step, you'll need to have dragged at least one signature field onto the document, and at least one signer-related field: the "Next" button at the top right remains grayed out to inform you that these conditions are not met.

Add and arrange approvers (optional)

You can also have documents and signatures validated before sending them for signature by adding approvers. The approver can review the document content before sending it for signature and will then be responsible for approving or rejecting your signature request. This step is optional and allows you to set up an internal validation flow directly from Yousign.

To add approvers:

  • Click on "Add an approver" on the right sidebar or on the "+",

  • Enter the approver's information or select them if you've previously saved them in your contacts.

You can add up to 10 approvers and also set an approval order.

  • If you wish, you can set an approval order by activating the option on the right sidebar. Once this option is activated and approvers are ordered, the second approver will receive an approval request only after the first one has approved, and so on.

Step 3: Configure the signature request

This is the final step of the creation: all that's left is to configure a few settings before sending your signature request.

Customize the signature request

Several settings allow you to customize your signature request. You can:

  • Rename the signature request: to give meaning to your request to your signers. The signature request name will also appear in the email sent to ask them to sign.

  • Add labels: to easily find and sort your signature requests from the dashboard.

  • Add a personalized message: for participants, it will be inserted in the signature request email.

  • Choose a personalized experience: to customize emails and the signing experience to your brand.

  • Choose the sender: in your own name, on behalf of a workspace, or on behalf of your organization. The selected sender will appear in the signature request email as well as throughout the signing process.

  • Add recipients in copy (ex-followers): to allow external individuals to follow the signature request and access the documents.

  • Activate the "Refusal to sign" option: to allow your signers to refuse to sign the document in case of error.

Manage dates

Define the security level

  • You can differentiate the signature level and/or authentication method per signer when sending your signature request.

    • Click on "Set a security level for each signer",

    • Select the signature level and desired authentication method from the dropdown menu for each signer.

The signature request is ready to go; click on "Confirm and send now".

Tip: Save time and create an invitation to sign documents directly from the link!

Simply type "" in your browser, you'll be then automatically redirected to a signature request within your Yousign application.

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