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By enabling the decline to sign option, you allow your signers to express their disagreement or refusal to sign a document. The "Decline to Sign" feature adds an additional layer of flexibility and transparency to your document signing process.

Allow the "decline to Sign" Option

By default, this feature is disabled and will not be visible when creating a signature request.

Only the account owner or admins can activate the feature for all users on the account.

To activate the feature as an administrator or owner:

  • Allow the "decline to Sign" option,

  • Confirm your choice by clicking "Save Signature Settings".

Activate the Option at the signature request Level

Once the option is enabled on your account, all users (regardless of their role) can then choose whether signers have the right to decline to sign on each signature requests, templates, or forms:

  • The option will be enabled by default at the signature request level.

  • It is possible to disable it in the signature request settings (before sending it only).

The "decline to sign" option applies to all signers of the signature request; it is not possible to activate it for one or more specific signers.

Understand the Impact of a Refusal to Sign

For signers

Enabling the "Decline to Sign" feature means that when reading the documents to be signed, signers can either sign the documents or decline to sign them.

If any of the signers decline to sign, they must provide a detailed reason for their refusal.

For the Signature request

If any signatory chooses to decline to sign, the signature request will be automatically canceled, and the signature request status will then change to "Declined".

Other signers will no longer be able to sign the document.

By accessing the signature request details page, the reason for the refusal is available by clicking "View Reason".

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