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"Signing in person", also known as "face-to-face signing", is a practical solution aimed at simplifying the signing process during physical meetings between certain parties involved.

Discover in-person signing

When you're dealing with one or more people who need to sign documents, in-person signing is an effective option:

  • to offer a professional signature process

  • to keep the same electronic signature process for all your documents

  • to avoid the need for paper signatures

For example, if you are face-to-face with a customer, in-person signing can be activated to facilitate the signing process:

  • Signers can be guided through the signing process

  • The signature request remains unchanged (signed documents are sent after signing)

Launch an in-person signing

Creating a signature request does not differ depending on whether the signature is to be performed in person or remotely. The invitation process remains the same, offering consistency in the use of your account.

In-person signing can be launched for one or more signers (but it is not mandatory to have all signers sign in the same way) of the same signature request.

Once your signature request has been issued :

  • Access the follow-up page by clicking on the name of the signature request from the Signatures page,

  • Click on the "..." next to the name of the signer you wish to sign in person,

  • Select "Launch personal signature",

  • Confirm your choice,

  • Then guide your signer to view and sign your documents.

To reinforce security and limit risks, we recommend activating an authentication mode. Sending a unique code by SMS or e-mail provides additional verification of the signer's identity. By setting up this authentication mode, the sender ensures that the signature request can only be completed when the signer is physically present.

The audit trails generated by Yousign include details of the type of signature. In the case of an in-person signature, the type of signature will appear in the proof file.

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