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Lifecycle of a signature request
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Discover signature requests

This represents the signature request as a whole. It can consist of:

  • One or more signers (up to 100 per signature request)

  • One or more documents to be signed (up to 50 documents per signature request, 50MB per document)

  • Up to 10 approvers per signature request

This signature request is intended to evolve over time: from draft (before sending) to completed (once all signatures are collected).

Understand the Different Statuses of Signature requests

A signature request can go through several statuses, as follows:

  • Draft: The signature request has been initiated but has not yet been sent to signers. You can edit the signature request at any time before sending.

  • Pending Approval: The signature request is awaiting validation from the defined approver(s).

  • In Progress: The signature request has been created and sent to signers. Not all signatures have been completed yet.

  • Completed: All signers have signed the documents in the signature request.

  • Expired: One or more approvers and/or signers did not approve and/or sign your documents before the expiration date of your signature request. However, you can reactivate your expired signature request to extend its signing deadline.

  • Cancelled: The signature request was sent and then cancelled by a user.

  • Rejected: The signature request was rejected by one of the approvers.

  • Declined: The signature request was declined by one of the signers.

  • Data Collection in Progress: Forms have been sent to collect the necessary data for creating a signature request. You can track form completion in real-time.

  • Awaiting Review: Once the form(s) are filled out, the document is completed and awaits your validation before sending it for signature if you have enabled the option.

Understand Completion Percentages

When your signature request includes approvers, once sent, the status will automatically change to "To approve" and you can see the percentage of approval progress:

  • 0% means none of the approvers has validated the signature request (but the approval has been sent).

  • For example, 50% means half of the approvers have approved the signature request, and you can follow up with the remaining approvers.

When your signature request is sent to signers in the "In Progress" status, you can see the percentage of signature progress:

  • 0% means none of the signers has signed the documents (but the signature request has been sent).

  • For example, 50% means half of the signers have signed the documents, and you can follow up with the remaining signers.

The 0% completion percentage informs you that the signature request has been sent to approvers or signers, but no recipient has yet validated or signed the signature request.

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