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With Bulk Send, you can send the same document to many recipients at once for them to sign individually.

Discover Bulk Send

Do you need to get the same document signed by many different recipients? Stop wasting time creating your signature requests one by one!

Bulk send is available on the following plans, and can be used by all users:

  • Plus (1 bulk send per month)

  • Pro (10 bulk sends per month)

  • Scale (10 bulk sends per month)

Each bulk send is limited to 500 signature requests per bulk.

Create a Bulk Send by uploading a CSV file: a unique signature request will be automatically generated for each recipient. Recipients will receive a unique version of your document, and will be able to sign it individually.

Each document in your bulk send can have several signers (up to 100).

When should I use Bulk Send?

Bulk send can help enhance your signature process when needing to send a same document to a great number of recipients.

Human Resources

Bulk send can help you save time on sending documents to sign by all of your company’s employees, such as contract amendments, share programs, internal company pension schemes, and more.

As an example: You are a Human Resources Officer who needs to get a contract amendment signed by 300 company employees.

With Bulk send, you can upload a CSV file containing all employee information (first name, last name, email address), which will be used to automatically create 300 signature requests (one signature request per employee).

Sales, admin and legal

Use Bulk send if you need to massively send a document to sign by your entire customer base, such as NDAs, client/partnership/provider contracts, terms and conditions updates…

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