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Explore Admin settings

If you have admin rights on your Yousign account, you can easily manage settings for your organisation!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Manage licences

  • Edit account settings

  • Access all signature requests for your organisation

  • Create templates for your team

Let's get started!

How to add new users

Users are collaborators who can send signature requests.

To add a new user, simply click on your initials on the bottom left corner of your screen, select "People" and then click on "Users".

Click on the "Invite user" button and select a role (Member or Admin).

Users can only be added with plans Plus and Pro

Edit account settings

Admin rights gives you the ability to oversee and manage the entire account for your organisation.

To edit account settings, click on your initials on the bottom left corner of your screen and click on 'Settings'.

You'll be able to perform the following:

  • Add your Logo by clicking on the πŸ“· icon.
    Make your account more personalised by adding your organisation's logo. Your logo will then appear within your signature request emails. The logo must be at least 200x200px (maximum 1000x1000px), with a maximum size of 500KB. PNG and JPG images are accepted.

  • Change your organisation's name.

  • Edit language (language used to invite users)

  • Add a contact for any communication regarding data privacy.

  • Define the default signature level for your organisation.

Monitor all signature requests

Finally, you can monitor all signature requests for your organisation.
You'll be able to visualise all requests sent by users from your organisation ,allowing you to monitor, track and manage in real time
You can filter easily by :

  • Users

  • Status: on your dashboard, go through the list on the left and select needed status.

  • Search bar: directly run a search in search bar on top of your screen (by recipient, senders ..).

Create templates for your teams

Your access allows you to create signature request templates to save time for you and your teams.

To create a new template, go to the "Template" tab and click on "New Template".

All you have to do is upload the documents you want to use in the future and the necessary fields, in a similar way you would create a signature request.

Upload the document(s) you want to use or make available to your teams for the creation of future signature requests:

  • Add the necessary fields

  • Schedule automatic reminders

  • Enter a personalized message

  • Set an expiration date

  • Activate the template

The template will then be displayed in the template list. You can then use a template to find all the information you have already configured.

If you do not know the participants yet, it is possible to upload only a document without adding a signature field.


Well done! You now know all about admin features.

If you have Owner access, find your dedicated guide here !

Add your organisation's logo

You can add your organisation's logo for better visibility while sending signature requests.

On the bottom left corner, click on your initials and then on 'Settings'. From the General Settings page, upload your logo by clicking on the πŸ“· icon and save. That's it, your logo is automatically updated on your account!

Users will now have the option to showcase your organisation's logo while sending their signature request. Within the section 'Sender' of their request's parameters, users can choose 'send from my organisation'. Your organisation's logo will appears in the invitation e-mail and on the signature journey.

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