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Why my ID has been rejected for advanced electronic signature?
Why my ID has been rejected for advanced electronic signature?
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Following a signature request with Advanced Electronic Signature, you are asked to import your ID to validate your identity.

If an error message appears during the import or verification of your ID, the following checks should be performed:

  • Your ID contains an MRZ strip.

  • The name on your ID matches the one provided in the signature request.

  • Your ID is currently valid.

  • Your scan is visible and in the correct format.

Check the visibility of the MRZ strip

The MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) strip is an area on an official document reserved for reading, identification, and validation of the document. It consists of a series of numbers and letters, usually found on the front and/or bottom of an ID.

Supported identity documents include those with an MRZ zone, according to the ICAO format:

  • 2 lines of 44 characters (passports)

  • 3 lines of 30 characters

  • 2 lines of 36 characters

Make sure that the MRZ strip is visible on your document.

Some older identity documents (such as Italian paper ID cards) may not have a MRZ strip. We recommend using an ID with a MRZ strip. Note that a driver's license is not an accepted form of ID.

Verify the provided last name

It is important to check that the information provided by the sender of the signature request is correct:

  • Confirm that the information on your ID matches the details in the "Information Validation" step during the signing of documents (and is not reversed). Learn more.

  • Verify that the indicated name is the one in the MRZ strip of your ID.

If the provided information is incorrect, follow this guide.

Check the expiration date

Ensure that the expiration date of your ID has not passed.

For French ID cards, although the validity period of cards issued after December 31, 2013, has been extended by 5 years, this only applies to individuals who were adults at the time of issuance if it occurred less than 15 years ago. This extension does not apply to French passports.

Check the scanning quality

  • You can import your ID in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format, up to 10MB.

  • We recommend scanning your ID in color.

  • However, if you are taking a photo of your ID, ensure the following:

    • The edges are visible: the ID should not be cropped or partially obscured by a hand or finger.

    • No reflection: IDs photographed with flash will not be recognized.

    • No background: opt for a neutral background.

    • The document photo is clearly visible.

    • Place your ID straight.

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