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Sign documents with the advanced electronic signature
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You have received a signature request with the Advanced Electronic Signature (AES), or you want to learn more about how this level of signature works? In this article, we detail all the necessary steps for signature requests with the Yousign Advanced Electronic Signature:

  • Read the Documents

  • Validation of Information

  • Identification (identity document verification)

  • Authentication (sending a unique code via SMS)

  • Document Signature

In the context of a signature resquest with the Advanced Electronic Signature (often called AES), the identification of signers is strengthened by various identity document verification operations and the sending of an SMS with a unique code. These operations are necessary to sign the documents and enhance the legal value of the signatures.

Step 1: Read the Document

Start by reviewing the documents to sign:

  • In the email invitation received, click on the "Access the document" button that allows you to view the document(s) to sign.

  • Make sure you are in a well-lit environment and have your physical identification document and a mobile device with a camera. Then click "Continue."

  • Click "Start."

On the left side of your screen, you will find all the documents to sign and any attachments. Once you have reviewed the documents (scroll down) and provided any additional requested information (checkboxes, text to copy, etc.), click the "Sign" button at the bottom right of the page.

Sign documents with the advanced electronic signature

Step 2: Validation of Information

Check the information provided by the invitation issuer (it must match the information on your identification document):

  • Your first name

  • Your last name (make sure it matches the name on the MRZ strip of your identification document)

  • Your email address

If the provided information is correct

  • Check the checkbox (mandatory to proceed to the next step).

  • Click "Validate this information" to move on to the identification document import step.

If the provided information is incorrect (or inverted)

  • Click "Report an error."

  • Specify the changes to be made, and the invitation issuer will receive an email inviting them to make the necessary modifications.

Once the changes are made, you can restart the procedure to sign. You cannot make the changes yourself for security reasons.

Step 2: Validation of Information

Step 3: Identification

At this step, you must import your identification document to confirm your identity:

  • Select the type of identification document you have, among:

    • ID card (you must import the front and back)

    • Passport

    • Residence permit (you must import the front and back)

National ID card: It is imperative to import both the front and back of the national ID card. If your document has both sides in a single file, remember to download it twice in each of the sections.

  • Import the scan(s) of your identification document (preferably in color) in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format, up to 10 MB.

We recommend scanning your identification document. However, if you take a photo of your identification document, make sure to disable the flash so that it is recognized. Follow our advice here.

  • Validate by clicking "Submit."

Step 3: Identification

Our tips for scanning identification documents

Make sure that:

  • The edges are visible: the identification document should not be cropped or partially obscured by a hand or finger.

  • There is no reflection: ID documents taken with flash photography will not be recognized.

  • There is no background: choose a neutral background.

  • The document photo is clearly visible.

  • Place your identification document straight.

Step 4: Authentication

At this step, you will receive an SMS containing a unique code for authentication. Enter the six-digit code received via SMS.

Step 5: Signature `

Once your identification document is verified, and your authentication is entered, all that's left is to sign! To do this, swipe to the right or hold down the Enter key.

You can download the documents directly after signing, but you will also receive a confirmation email allowing you to access the documents.

Manual Verification of Your Identity Document

It is possible that your identification document could not be automatically validated. Your identification document will then undergo manual verification. This verification process may take up to an hour (business day UTC+2).

Manual verification is possible in the following cases:

  • Your identification document does not have an MRZ zone.

  • You have attempted to submit your identification document unsuccessfully more than 4 times.

Once your identification document is verified and validated, the documents from the invitation will be effectively signed, and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If your identification document is rejected, the documents from the signature request are not signed. You will then receive an email instructing you on the next steps.

👉 Feel free to consult our next article: Why is an identification document rejected?

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