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My signer is not receiving their Yousign signature request by email
My signer is not receiving their Yousign signature request by email
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There are several reasons why your signer may not be receiving their Yousign signature request by email. If you are a signer and you are not receiving your signature request, please follow the steps described here.

Please be aware that sometimes emails sent by Yousign can be blocked, filtered or delayed by a mail server, email scanning equipment or an email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc). We recommend you to wait between one hour and half a day. If the initial email still does not arrive, the following alternatives should be explored.

1) Verify the signer's email address

First and foremost, please verify that the email address you entered into Yousign for your signer is correct.

2) Check the order of signers in your signature request

If the procedure is ordered, your signer will only be notified when the previous signers/approvers have completed their signatures/approvals.

3) Ask your signer to check their junk mail (or spam) folder

If the Yousign email is in these folders, ask your signer to mark the email as not junk or spam, in order to move it to their inbox and adjust their anti-spam analyses in the future.

4) Ask your signer to contact their IT department

If your signer does not know how to proceed or if the emails sent by Yousign continue to be considered as junk mail, you can ask them to make a request to their IT department, who will be able to analyze the causes, possibly adapt the filtering mechanisms or contact the Yousign support.

5) Re-send the signature request to your signer

Once you have completed the steps above, re-send the signature request to your signer.

If your signer still does not receive your signature request via email, you can send them the link to your signature request via the communication channel of your choice, by copying the link available in your Yousign interface.

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