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share a signature link

Why share a signature link

When you send a signature request, Yousign will send an email to the recipients (approvers or signers) you added in order to invite them to sign via a link that is personal.

In some cases, you may want to send the signature link by yourself (be it because your recipient tells you that they didn't receive the email sent by Yousign, or because you want to deeper personalize the signature request email).

If a signer signs with the link you share with them following this method, it will be indicated in the audit trail in the Signature context "Signed via the link copied from the application".

How to share a signature link?

Please note: This link is specific to each signer, and you must provide it only to the signer concerned.

To share a signature link:

  • Go to the Signature request details page.

  • Click on "..." at the right of the signer you would like to share the link with.

  • Click on "Share signature link"

  • Click on the "Copy" button to copy the signature link

  • Paste it where you want to send the link to your signer.

how to share a signature link

Before being able to view the documents and sign them, users will have to provide their email address to check if it matches the email address you indicated for the recipient (preventing unauthorized people to access the signature request).

This feature is not available if the signer authentication is without a security code. If you'd like to change the authentication method so that you can share the link, see the article on how to change a signer's information.

If you are a signer, you can directly sign the document within Yousign by clicking "sign document".

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