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Download your form responses in a CSV file
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If you need to collect or store the data collected with your form, you can easily download all responses as a CSV file. Once downloaded, you can open this file in the application of your choice to analyze and visualize your data.

Download details of form responses

To download details of answers collected with a form:

  • Go to the Forms page,

  • Click on the "..." to the right of the form line,

  • Click on "Download form responses",

  • The CSV file downloads automatically to your computer,

  • Open the file in the software of your choice (such as GoogleSheet or Excel) to view and analyze the data collected.

The "Download form responses" option will therefore not appear in the following cases:

  • If your form is in "Draft" status (as it cannot receive replies).

  • If your form is in "Active" status but has not yet received any responses.

  • If your form is a multi-responder form (regardless of its status).

Understand CSV data

Once downloaded, open the file to analyze and visualize your data. The CSV contains several columns:

  • Form Submission ID: the form id

  • Form Name: the name of the form

  • Form Title: the form title

  • Information on the person who completed the form: email address, first name and surname

  • Form Submitted At : Form validation date

  • All fields completed in the form

  • Signature Request Link: the generated signature request link

  • Signature Request Status : the status of the signature request generated

The CSV contains only the information of those who submitted the form, not those who were invited to fill in the form.

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