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Review a document generated using a form before sending it to be signed.
Review a document generated using a form before sending it to be signed.
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When creating a form, you can activate the option that allows you to review the document before sending it out to be signed (once the form has been completed and the document automatically generated).

Activate the "Review document" option

When setting up your form, you can review the document before sending it for signing:

  • Select "Review the document" under the question "What should happen when a new response is sent?" when creating your form (in settings).

  • Once the form has been submitted, your document will appear on your list of signature requests. You will then have the opportunity to review it and/or modify it if necessary before sending it for signing.

You can also modify an already activated form to change this option.

Review and modify the document and the signature request

At this stage, you can make several changes:

  • Review the generated document, and modify it if necessary

  • Modify the signature fields and approvers

  • Modify the settings for the signature request

You need to modify the automatically generated document

  • Access the signature request in Draft status,

  • Check the document generated using the form,

  • If you need to modify it, you must :

    • Download it

    • Edit it outside Yousign using the text editor of your choice (such as Word)

    • Replace the document (always in .docx format)

  • If you add a new version, it will automatically be used as the reference version in the form. In other words, other versions will no longer appear for signers.

You will still be able to go back to the different versions and modify the document at any time.

You need to modify the signature request

Once you have checked the document, you can :

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