How to review a draft document ?
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How to review a draft document ?

It is possible to edit a document template before sending it for signature once the form has already been submitted.

Click on "Review Document".

1st step: Verification

At this stage, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Verify your document

  • Download and replace the document template with a new updated version

  • Download the document template in .docx format before signing it

Please note that if you want to modify the text content, you will have to do it beforehand with your document editor (Word, Google Doc...) before adding it to Yousign.

Once the new version is added, it will automatically be used as the reference version for your form. In other words, the other versions will no longer appear for respondents.

You will always have the possibility to go back to the different versions and edit your form at any time.

2nd step: Preparation

👉 Here, it is possible to update the signature fields.

3rd step: Settings

You will have the opportunity to set up and customize your document template before sending it in several steps.

In the right part of the screen, you will see a preview of the invitation that will be sent.

Your request is ready, you can send it by clicking on "Confirm and send now" in the top right corner.

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