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I can move / edit signature fields in my signed document
I can move / edit signature fields in my signed document
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The signature image on a document is "cosmetic". It materializes the signer's consent but has no legal value. On the other hand, the electronic signature, which has legal value, is a cryptographic process, immaterial and invisible, which is integrated into the PDF document format.

This means you can even have an electronically signed document even if no visual signature is present. This is one of the main differences between a handwritten signature and an electronic signature.

  • When your digital document in PDF format is signed electronically, only this PDF document is considered an original and carries legal value.

  • Any electronic copy of the signed document is also an original if it has not been modified. However, if you modify the original document and remove or move the signature images, this compromises the integrity of the document and the electronic signatures. This duplicate will have no legal value.

Some viewers (e.g. the MAC OS viewer) allow you to modify the document, even if it is protected, as these viewers do not comply with PDF standards.

If you wish to continue using such viewers, make sure you keep the original document unaltered. We strongly recommend using a viewer such as Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader, with which it is much more difficult to make changes to an electronically signed document.

However, if you have accidentally moved/changed a signature or the document and therefore damaged the original, you can download the original again at any time. To do this, use the link that Yousign sends you by e-mail after the signature or ask the sender of the document.

To know more, check out our article: What is an electronic signature?

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