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Enable signature image upload for your signers
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You can allow your signers to upload their handwritten signature image directly into Yousign to sign your documents, very simply. Discover in this article how to activate it for your organization.

Discover the "upload Signature Image" option

Enable signature image upload for your signers to allow them to affix their signature image directly on the documents to be signed.

By enabling the option for your organization, all your signers will then be able to choose between:

It is not possible to require a signer to sign with an uploaded image.

Enable the "upload Signature Image" option

Only Admin and Account Owner users can activate the option for their organization.

To activate the "upload Signature Image" option for your signers:

  • Access your settings by clicking on your initials at the bottom left of the page,

  • Click on "Signature Experience",

  • Go to the "Signature Settings" page,

  • Enable the "Enable upload of a signature image" option in the "Signature Flow" section,

  • Confirm the settings by clicking at the bottom of the page on "Save Signature Settings".

Once activated, the option will be offered to all signers of signing invitations issued from your Yousign organization. You can disable the option at any time.

Impact for your signers

During the signing of your documents, your signers will be able to choose to materialize their signature on your documents by choosing to sign with their name (by dragging the cursor), or by choosing to upload an image of their signature as below:

Signers can upload images in JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats, with a maximum size of 5 MB.

It is important to remember that the visible signature image is essentially psychological and cosmetic and only materializes the signer's consent. However, the electronic signature, which carries legal value, is a cryptographic, immaterial, and invisible process that integrates into the PDF document format.

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