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During the preparation of a signature request, you will add your documents for your signers to sign. Follow this article to find out how to turn a document into an attachment, collect files from signers and edit a document.

manage documents

Discover documents

When creating a signature request, you can add documents to be signed or simply read as attachments. You can also ask your signers to upload their own documents.

You can add documents :

  • In PDF or DOCX formats only.

  • A maximum size of 50MB.

  • A maximum of 50 documents per Signature Request.

When uploading a docx document, your document display may be a little altered, we recommended converting it in PDF before uploading it on Yousign.

Turn a document into an attachment

Attachments allow you to add documents within your signature request that you want to share with recipients, but that do not need to be signed.

Documents marked as attachments are not listed in the audit trail as these documents are not signed.

This may be a commercial leaflet, an explanatory note, annexes or any other document that you think it would be useful to add to your procedure.

You must have at least one document to sign (not an attachment) in order to finalize your request.

To turn a document into an attachment:

  • Add the document to your signature request.

  • Click on "..." at the right of the document you want to turn into an attachment.

  • Click "Turn into an attachment"

Turn a document into an attachment

Documents that are attachments will have a "paperclip" symbol next to them.

Collect documents from signers

You can ask signers to upload documents before moving on to the signature step. This allows you to easily collect additional documents to attach to the contract, for example, an ID or a bank statement.

Please note: You must add at least one signer before you can ask for a document upload.

You can ask signers to upload documents whilst creating a signature request:

  • After uploading a document to the signature request creation page,

  • Click on "Collect a document" in the "Documents to collect" section at the left of the page.

How to ask for document upload from your signers
  • Enter the type of document you want to collect, for example: an ID card or proof of address.

  • Define which signer(s) have to upload the document by ticking the box next to their name. You must select at least one signer by document.

  • By default, the file upload is mandatory. You can change this to optional by clicking on the "Required" button, turning it gray.

  • Click on "Save".

  • You can edit the collection request by clicking on the pencil icon at the right of the document name.

You can collect up to 10 documents per signature request.

Collect documents from signers

If you would like to know more about collecting documents, check out our dedicated article: Collect documents from signers

Edit a document

Replace a document

If you made a mistake after adding a document to your signature request, you can easily replace it with another document. To do this:

  • Click on "..." on the right of the document you want to replace.

  • Click "replace this document"

  • Select the new document you wish to replace it with.

  • Click "Open"

  • The document will be replaced.

Edit a document

Rename a document

If you are not satisfied with the name of your document, you can rename it. To do this:

  • Click on "..." on the right of the document you want to rename.

  • Click on "Rename document"

  • Enter the new name you wish to call your document.

  • Click "Rename".

  • The document will be renamed.

If you would like to know more about renaming a document, check out our related article: Rename a document.

Delete a document​

You can easily delete a document if you cannot replace it. To do so:

  • Click on "..." at the right of the document you want to delete.

  • Click "Remove"

  • Click on "Yes".

  • The document will be removed from the signature request.

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