Why your ID has been refused while signing documents?
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Why your ID has been refused for advanced electronic signature?

When signing documents with the advanced electronic signature, you have to upload your Identity Document to validate your identity.

If an error message is displayed when importing or verifying your identity document, please check the followings:

Common name

It is important to check that the information provided by request's sender are correct. Check that the information on your Identity Document is similar to what is listed under the "Information validation" step when signing documents, and that the name indicated is indeed your common name.


The MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) is an area on an official document made for the reading, identification and validation of this document. This is a series of numbers and letters that you will most often find on the front and bottom of an ID. Make sure the MRZ area is clearly legible on your document. 

Supported identity documents are those that include an MRZ, according to the ICAO format: 

- 2 lines of 44 characters (passports) 
- 3 lines of 30 characters 
- 2 lines of 36 characters 

For some countries (such as Belgium and Italy), this area is located on the back of the ID, you'll also need to download this area. 

Finally, some identity documents (often old ones), do not have an MRZ. It is therefore essential to use another document, such as a passport to validate your identity.

Expiration date

Please make sure that your ID has not expired. 

Supported file format

You can upload your ID in PDF, JPEG or PNG format within the limit of 10MB.

We'll advise to scan your ID rather than tacking a picture. A picture taken with flash won't be recognised.