How much does the One subscription cost?

Yousign's One plan offers a flexible electronic signature solution at an attractive price:

  • 11€/month with no commitment, come and go as you want
  • 9€/month for a 12-month commitment, take advantage of our long-term solution.

How do I subscribe to Yousign's One plan?

You can confirm your subscription to Yousign at any time during your trial period, and even after it has ended.

To confirm your subscription and to benefit permanently from our electronic solution, go to the 'Usage and billing' tab of your account in your application.

Select the desired plan, then enter your banking and billing information.

All signatures created during the trial period will remain available in the application.

How long is the trial period?

Your Yousign subscription is available free of charge during a 14-day trial period.

You can, during or at the end of this trial period, confirm your subscription to continue to use Yousign fully and sign all your documents in just a few clicks.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

At any moment during your 14-day trial period, you can confirm your subscription to Yousign's One plan, or select another plan that suits your needs.

You will then be asked to enter your bank details. All signatures created during the trial period will remain available in your Yousign application.

How do I manage my One subscription?

Modify or cancel your subscription at any time easily, directly in your Yousign application.

You can also choose another plan offered by Yousign, depending on your needs. All the information about our different plans is available on the pricing page of our site.

Can I easily unsubscribe? How?

When you subscribe to the non-binding offer, you can unsubscribe from Yousign at any time with a few clicks, directly in the application. However, the month started will be billed.

If you subscribe to the annual subscription, you can cancel your subscription once the expiry date has been reached, also from within your Yousign application.

It's quick and easy, you can leave and come back whenever you want.

How does invoicing work with Yousign?

If you have subscribed to a one-month commitment, payments will be made monthly. If you have signed up for out a 12-month subscription, your payment will be yearly.