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Customise your signing experience with your brand identity

Customise the look and feel of your signing experience with your Custom Experience ! 

In order to personalise the signature process and adapt it to your brand identity, it is possible to :

  • Add the colours of your graphic charter

  • Add your logo

  • Create several brandings

  • Adapt your emails according to your recipients

Discover in tutorial below how to create Custom Brandings for your organisation!

Access the Signing Experience menu

To create your first "Branding", click on your initials at the bottom left of your application and then click on "Signature Experience" where you can customise the signature flow for your recipients. 

Craft your first Custom Experience

Click on "New Custom Experience" to start crafting your first branding. 

Start by giving your custom signature a name. This will help you and your teams to better organise your work.

Apply your brand colours

Select colours specific to your brand to personalise the signing experience. 

To select a colour, click and choose the desired colour from the palette, or simply fill in the code of the chosen colour. 

Preview on the right of your screen allows you to instantly see the result of the changes applied.

Also remember to add your logo in your account settings to better inform your signatories.

Update parameters

Customise the signing experience by enabling or disabling the following options:
  • Enable start screen before signature. By deactivating this option, your recipients will arrive directly on the documents to be signed without a start screen beforehand. Disable this option if you want to streamline the signing process.

  • Show the side panel summarising the signing process. Choose whether you want to see the summary panel of the steps of the signing process.
Do not hesitate to test the different experiences to see what best meets your expectations.

Redirect your recipients

Finally, you can also redirect your recipients to a specific page at different stages of the signing process:
  • Indicate the page of your choice to which your signers will be redirected at the end of the signing process. For example: redirect your signers to a personalised thank you page after signing.

  • Indicate the page of your choice to which your signatories will be redirected in the event of an error or failure of the signatureFor example: informing your signers of their signature failure and providing them with the steps to follow in order to successfully complete the signing process.
Once everything is set up, clic on "Create branding"

Set as default

Once your branding is created, you can:
  • Define your branding as default in order for the personalised experience to be applied to every signature requests within your organisation
  • Edit your branding
  • Delete your branding
  • Copy the id: this option only concerns API users