What is included in One?

Subscribing to Yousign's One plan gives you access to all the key features of the e-signature.

The list of the main features included is available on the pricing page of our site.

It allows you to send up to 10 signatures per month with 1 user account and provides a signature interface to create, manage and track your signature invitations in real-time.

How are signatures counted?

Each signature is counted (as one) when the invitation is sent, regardless of the number of signatories.

What happens if I have used all my signatures before the end of the month?

You can create and send up to 10 signature requests per month. If you have sent all 10 signatures, you will not be able to create additional invitations. Do you need to send more signature requests? Upgrade to unlimited signing with other Yousign plans.

How do I access the Yousign application?

Log in to your account from our Yousign login page for One, using your username and your password.

You can also log in to Yousign with your Google credentials.