Discover Yousign's new features !

Your Yousign application was revamped to offer you an enhanced experience and plenty of new features.

Discover all those new features! 

Initial fields

Add initials to your signature requests 


Add contact list in just one click! You can now directly upload a contact list within your application.

Select language per recipients for your requests

Send your requests in your recipient's language. Your recipients will then receive all communication in their own language. 


Choose whether you would prefer to send your signature invitations on your behalf or on behalf of your organisation and add your logo to your request emails. 

Personalise your requests and reminders and directly pre view the e-mail's content in your application.

Expiration date and automatic reminders

Set an expiration date in just one click in your request's settings. 

Align your mailings with your processes and deadlines and automatically notify your recipients before documents expire.

Automate and personalise reminders to encourage recipients to sign your documents, and save time to focus on the essentials.


Your requests are automatically saved as drafts. Edit, exit, and resume a request at any time.

Checkbox fields

Add checkbox fields to your document to ask your signers to check the boxes before signing. 

To start on your new application, we strongly recommend that you follow learning path below !

Share a signature request

Sharing a signature request allows you to easily inform your teams and partners of the request's status, giving them access to all needed information (documents, recipients, progress, etc.).