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Compatibility and recommended browsers
Compatibility and recommended browsers
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Yousign was tailored to work just as well on your PC, as on your tablet or smartphone. Our interface is fully responsive, meaning that it will allow information to be displayed differently based on the size of your screen.

Please note that you cannot send a signature request from a smartphone or a touchscreen.

Yousign is compatible with any type of device or operating system: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Recommended browsers:

  • Google Chrome (from version 61 and above)

  • Firefox (from version 69 and above)

  • Opera (from version 60 and above)

  • Edge (from version 79 and above)

  • Safari (from version 12.1 and above)

  • Samsung internet (from version 11.1 and above)

For optimal use of our application, we recommend that you use the latest browser version. Internet Explorer is not supported.

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