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How to use API Logs and Webhooks?
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To begin with, what is an API or Webhook log?

Logs are like a journal that records all the details of exchanges, whether via API calls or Webhooks. They allow developers to have a better autonomy and reactivity in case of error to manage the integration of our services serenely.

How to access the API & Webhooks logs?

In the sidebar, click on the icon corresponding to the API and click on the "API Logs & Webhooks" sub-category.

How do API Logs & Webhooks work?

The API Logs & Webhooks screen lists all the API calls and Webhooks you have made.

At the top of the list, in the centre, you can choose between viewing API calls and Webhooks sent.

Then on the right, the "Filters" button allows you to apply all the necessary conditions to find the call you are looking for.

You can apply Status and/or Period filters to facilitate your search. Click on "Apply" to apply the filters.

Then simply click on the API call or sent webhook you are looking for to display the details you need.

Do you need help?

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