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Creating and using your digital identity for Qualified Electronic Signatures with Yousign has never been easier. Say goodbye to repeatedly capturing your ID and face in videos. Your digital identity streamlines the signing process, saving you time and effort.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about digital identity.

Creating your digital identity

To set up your digital identity, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign a document with a Qualified Electronic Signature by Yousign.

  2. After completing the video identification process, you can create your digital identity.

How digital identity works

Your digital identity is associated with two key elements:

  • The email address you were invited with to sign documents.

  • The mobile device used when you created your digital identity.

Keep in mind that each email address can only be linked to one digital identity.

If you use a new email address while signing with Yousign, you can register a new digital identity.

Your digital identity (created by Yousign) is valid for three years from the date of creation, unless:

  • Your ID expires before the 3-year mark; in this case, your digital identity remains valid until your ID expiration date.

  • You revoke your digital identity (learn how to revoke it here).

Your digital identity is securely stored both locally on your mobile device and on the Yousign platform.

Using your digital identity

When signing documents with a Qualified Electronic Signature on Yousign, you can easily use your digital identity.

You'll be redirected automatically to the authentication funnel (asking to use your digital identity) after consulting the documents and verifying your information.

Your digital identity can only be reused for other Qualified Electronic Signatures done with Yousign.

Troubleshooting with your digital identity

Issue 1: Requested with a different email address

If you've been invited to sign with a different email address, you'll be redirected to the basic identity verification process (with video identification). To reuse your previously saved digital identity, ask the request sender to modify your email address. Or you can redo the identity verification process with this new email address, and save a new digital identity linked to it.

Issue 2: Using the wrong device

Ensure you're trying to identify with the same device you initially used to save your digital identity. If you've switched devices or lost your original device, contact us to revoke your previous digital identity so it can be saved again on you new device.

Issue 3: Mobile device data wiped

If you've wiped all data from your mobile device, your saved identity will also be lost. In this case, contact us to revoke your digital identity.

Revoking your digital identity

When and why revoke your digital identity?

  • If you no longer wish to have your digital identity saved on Yousign.

  • If you can't recover access to your digital identity.

  • If your mobile device is lost or stolen, it's crucial to contact Yousign to revoke your digital identity. This ensures that no one else can sign in your name.

Don’t worry: your identity can only be used with strong authentication mechanisms (face recognition / touchprint / drawing), to ensure it is well protected. Furthermore, your Yousign signature links are only sent to your email address, so the access to the signature process is also protected

How to revoke your digital identity?

You can revoke your digital identity after Yousign has performed checks that you are actually the owner of the identity. Complete this form to revoke your digital identity.

Please note that a recent phone with a camera is required for identity verification to validate the revocation request.

Important: Revocation is permanent and cannot be undone. After the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. In your future Qualified Electronic Signature with Yousign, you will be able to register a new identity associated with the provided email address for your next Qualified Electronic Signature with Yousign.

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