Retrieve your organisation's information

Click on your initials on bottom left corner, then on "Account". 

On this page you'll find following information added for you from your previous account : 
  • Name, Surname
  • E-mail address 
  • Phone number
  • Language (by default language used to set up your account).
You can easily edit those information. Don't forget to click on "Update" button.

You can define as well if you're willing to send your requests with your own name or you're organisation's name. If you're willing to send requests with your organisation's name, we advise you to add your logo on your account. 


You'll also find the list of your users in your application. Users are your collaborators benefiting from a Yousign license allowing them to send invitations. 

To access the list of your users, click on your initials then on "People". In this list, you will find all the users of your organization as well as the former users who had an account deleted under the old version of your application. These users whose access has been removed are indicated with the status "Suspended". 

If you are an administrator or owner of the Yousign account for your organization, you can assign the licenses available in your subscription by inviting new users.