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How do I create an API key?
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What is an API key?

The API Key is essential for the operation of the API. It allows us to identify you as a user with access to the Yousign API services, and therefore provides the basis for our secure exchange of data, documents and services.

How to create your first API Key?

In the API menu, click on the sub-category "API Key".

If this is your first time, click on "Start Integration" to start in the Sandbox, otherwise click on the button at the top left of your screen "New API Key".

This automatically starts the API trial period !

You have 3 types of information to fill in to create your API key:

First, in "Description", you can name your API key. This information is optional for the first key, but it will be useful if you create several API keys. We therefore recommend that you briefly describe its context of use with a few keywords that will allow you to identify it easily.

Choose the environment in which you want to create your API key:

Sandbox: this is the test environment for the API integration. If you are starting the integration and do not have a paid plan yet, this is the environment you should choose.

Production: this is the environment where your integration is live. Access to this environment is limited to users who have already subscribed to an API plan.

Then choose the permission level for the API key:

Full-access: You will be able to create or update resources with API requests from this key.

Read-only: You will only be able to read information transmitted with API requests from this key.

Finally, just click on "Create API Key" to finalize the key.

How many API keys can I create?

You can create up to 5 API keys per organisation. If you need more API keys, please contact us.

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